Coloring Book for Grown Ups- Fashionable Stress Solution


My new coloring book is out from Monsa Publishing! You can find it on Amazon. Or at Monsa.

Thank you for your interest in my coloring book. I hope it brings you many hours relaxing creativity. In this book you will find candy castles, sugar skulls, religious icons, tattoo symbols, circus animals, day of the dead decoration, tea parties, ice cream, lollipops, cats, sailors and tikis.

Luck, spirituality, sweetness, goodness, rock ‘n’ roll, travel, and fantasy are all themes  you can see in my art. Art is therapy, I find that it helps me a lot. Having a creative passtime is at the same time relaxing and distracting . Adult coloring books are very fashionable at the moment, making creation possible even for those who cannot draw the basic images. The important thing is that each person will end up with a different result, that’s creativity! I recommend using colored pencils or colored markers (you can start with markers and then add shading with pencils). Some things to think about while you color my designs; Vanity, worship, faith, savior, adventure, fun, love, death, femininity, exoticism, escape, comfort, joy, the antidotes to this crazy stressful world.

Please remember that I hold the copyright to these images, your finished colored pages are for your own personal use only, in your home or for gifts. Please do not use these images to make objects to resell or to tattoo. If you would like to use any of my images for commercial projects you must contact me for authorisation at

Thanks I really hope you enjoy it!

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New Mugs


I’ve got mugs now! I have a few at the shop other than that I’m not sure where to find them yet in the US, but I’ll let you know when I find out!

Bearded Lady Saint

img_2929bsm img_2934bsm

Finally got good pictures of a back piece I finished a while ago. The text “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter” is the title of my client’s favorite novel by Carson McCullers. It was the begining and then she decided she wanted the whole back tattooed. It is my version of Saint Wilgeforte. Read about her it’s a crazy story!

Brussels Toy Museum Part 3

This is the third post about the Brussels Toy Museum check out the others here and here.

I love these pink kitchen sets. Clearly an example of stereotyping in toys made for girls, the forming of sexual identity and the roles cut out for them by society!


I love these over sized dominoes left out on a table in one of the rooms. I makes me chuckle to think of adults using them with nostalgia; that they seemed so much bigger in small hands.


Jeu de Bagatelle the ancestor of the pinball machine. Placed propped up at an angle on a table and played with standard size glass marbles. Score keeping I imagine was written on paper.




Little sewing machine.




In this case you’ll see a crazy vinyl toy with a caterpillar and his three passengers: a monkey a bear and a clown. Below the sketch I did. Also, I love that (Bakelite?) merry go round and would love to see it in action!


Me with the director!


I decided to write a

Poem about the museum

On the side of the kiosk
Headlines call out “A Toy Museum in Belgium
Found to be a Secret Portal to a Forgotten Corner of Reality”
With a byline: Local Children Have Been the Guardians of this Hidden Gem for Several Generations.
It was my first possession this small object; a miniature version of a future imagined, Plaything of my dream
When I was green…
Well loved, with nicks, dents, or rust, worn out paint on corners, crooked or, broken and                                                                                                                                                                  Then repaired, missing one eye, cracks; but absolutely sublime in the imperfections…
I read recently that “reality is imaginary”                                                                                                                                                          Let’s break away from conformity and choose our own reality
To imagine the world in small scale,
Child size,
Doll measurements, is to understand what it is to have more space:
Discover a cure for claustrophobia.
Switch proportions,
Shrinking, projecting oneself down to a pocketable proportion
A desire a want to disappear,
To escape into a fantasy of my own creation
Agrandir just the good stuff.
Avoid the responsibilty of greatness,
The gift of vulnerability
Shirk challenge, reject reality, internalize.
My body is a toy museum.
I must shrink down to explore the inner room.
I see a shape, a murky form, it opens a door to an idea or a memory.
Discover the unknown, understand, find hidden forgotten items.
An interior voyage to deep healing,
Deep discovery.
The required action in exchange for a ticket to the next horizon.
A tickling sensation, something gently flutters inside,
Exciting such juvenile delight.
Flying by like screeching monkeys
A group of knee high individuals soar up the stairs,
Circle around a table, stop, look at that! No! Let’s go here
Down, through and back again.
Bubbling over with joy, exploding with the pleasure of celebrating this day, this place this dream.
What shall we play at now? I know: Let’s make a tea party- invisible liquids, pretend goodies, hosting for imagined guests.
Teddy bear in a tiny wicker chair, a birthday cake, a special occassion, such a lovely image, so mouth watering, some sugar, more presents…
Remembering rainy day indoor games, finding contentment in being trapped in a meloncoly grey room.
Retell all the details, hours passed by one game morphing into another until the floor was covered with the entire treasure chest.
When we were lowercase playtime was capital.