Video Clip

My friend katyparis filmed me at my studio a little while ago and we collaborated on this short clip. I did all the animation, it was fun!

A day with Sunny Buick.

Welcome to “A La Belle Pique” a private tattoo studio in Paris, France.

Here is your host Sunny Buick, multi-talented artist from San Francisco, California.

Follow her to her little jewelery box atelier. She has created this small show case for her paintings and a cosy spot for your custom tattoo projects.

Luminous, clean and one of the best kept secret addresses in Paris.

You’ll take the time for a cup of tea, chat, discuss art and life and who knows maybe a little music? You can come by and see, uniquely by appointment. Have a great day!

Mario Carreno

mario carreno

Just discovered this Cuban artist Mario Carreno. I wish I could see more of his work. There is one painting hanging at the Pompidou museum here in Paris.

Tiki Pop in Paris


I’m a bit late posting about this fabulous event here in Paris. Sven Kirsten the formidable tiki archeologist and author of numerous tiki culture books, organized this expo in Paris’s own primitive art museum the Quai Branly. Tiki Pop features over 400 objects to initiate the novices. Plan your trip to Paris now and don’t miss it, ends the 28th of September 2014.

I have the great honor of having a few items for sale in the Museum’s gift shop. Some stickers, t-shirts, key chains and tote bags.






Some friends on Facebook posted these photos from the Museum’s gift shop:



My friends Belle Lurette also have some jewelery available in the gift shop.


Picnic in Paris

This summer I went on a picnic with my best friend in the park Luxembourg. We were searching for a mysterious vintage sorbet truck that she read about in a tour guide. We never found it but it sounds so right for the setting.



Vernisage ce soir!

Tonight I will have a collection of reasonably priced, framed prints for sale at a local comic book store here in Paris. From 6:30 pm til about 9:30.



Window at Alkazar

My friend Annina invited me to decorate a window at the restaurant Alcazar here in Paris during her residence art installation. In the heart of St Germain des Prés/ Odéon district left bank.


Logo for “katyparis”

I did this logo/business card for my friend Malvina, a budding and talented young photographer. Maybe you know of her old blog California Girls? Malvina took some photos of me for an all girl expo here in Paris at La Maison Welcome. She really needed a business card so I kind of forced it on her! Ha ha! I hope to show you some more collaborations with her soon.




Tiki Sale


Last weekend I gathered all my tiki related items for a sale at Le Tiki Lounge here in Paris. It is already their 1 year anniversary!