Candy Bowl Watercolor


Offerings on my altar. I asked on social media what this image conveys and here are some of the suggestions of my friends:

an “Emerald pincushion exploding with offerings for both fall and spring rituals”

“jello salad”

“offerings of love, beauty, peace” a “cornucopia crown”

similar to “tibetian thangka or a Buddhist altar”

“wise and greedy goddess” with the “power to heal humanity”

candy, sweetness and innocence

“growth and hope”

“candy= spun glittery glass, in a cut emerald dish. Silk and velvet hand embroidered flowers= time consuming craft and workmanship, chocolate poured warm, set in place as it cools, holds it all together= cold hard facts and the underlying truth”

“profane vs. sacred”

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This is an original painting. The size is 21.5cm x 18cm (8.5 inches by 7 inches) Water color on heavy stock watercolor paper, signed on the back.



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