Milagros Garden Theater Watercolor


Milagros Garden Theater

40 centimeters x 56 centimeters

15.74 inches by 22 inches

Watercolor on heavy watercolor paper

Year : 2020

Price : 1400

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In this theater, behind the curtains, on stage is an anatomical heart, with the all-seeing Eye before a garden, where flowers flourish on earth in nature.
Milagros are Mexican embossed tin hearts that are hung in the home or on an altar to ask God for a miracle, or be thankful for one that has been granted. I identify with the miraculous heart, it’s the perfect symbol for what I am feeling, or more precisely a denial of what I am feeling. A desire to feel something else. A self-prescribed form of therapy, that I started making in late 2016, after what seemed like a year filled with tragedies.


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