I arrived in Los Angeles in early October and immediately started eating junk food. Me and my best friend made this cake from an old Betty Crocker recipe book. Didn’t get good a good picture when it was cut, but it makes a checkerboard inside.

We went to Disneyland and it was all decorated for Day of the Dead and Halloween. The haunted mansion had it’s Nightmare Before Xmas decorations which I thought were pretty great! I’m so glad that The Enchanted Tiki Room was saved and refurbished!

One of my big projects this trip was to go up to Grass Valley and get all my stuff out of storage. I drove it all back to LA to go through and sort everything. I gave away a lot to friends and I sold a bunch. I sold my beloved circus poster because I guess I’ll never have an appartment large enough again to display it. I imagine I will have some regrets one day, but when you’ve got to pay oversees shipping, you’ve got to make sacrifices.

We visited San Diego and Chinatown LA.

We spent four days at Budget Rock festival, where we celebrated Russell’s 50th b-day, met No Bunny and I got a haircut by Tina at Down at Lulu’s. We got to taste the new flavors of Mountain Dew, yummy!

We only got to visit San Francisco for two days, but it was really fantastic! The Beat Museum.
Also visited my old stompin’ grounds in Petaluma.
All in all most everything I wanted to do got done!