Owning Original Art

It’s fascinating how my tattoo clients readily invest thousands of euros in extensive tattoo projects, spanning years and numerous sessions. Yet, when it comes to purchasing original artwork, many struggle to justify the expense. I empathize; tattoos serve as a vital means of self-expression, woven into one’s identity and narrative. On the other hand, buying art can feel less tangible, less of a necessity, or is it?

Reflecting on my past, I recall adorning my apartment walls with prints, posters, and silkscreens – affordable expressions of my tastes at the time. Now, with more matured preferences, I seek to adorn my space with pieces that truly resonate, shaping it into a reflection of myself.

The disparity between a print and an original artwork became evident with my first significant art purchase, a painting by Sergio Mora. Initially budgeting for one of his watercolor tattoo designs, I found myself drawn to a painting priced at 600€, beyond what I had planned. Despite initial buyer’s remorse, acquiring the piece brought immense joy. Today, any financial concerns have faded, replaced by the satisfaction of supporting Mora’s artistic journey.

My subsequent purchase, a painting by my friend Lisa Petrucci, similarly filled me with apprehension. After patiently waiting for the right piece, I seized the opportunity when This piece of a girl dancing with a skeleton, that I thought I had missed out on, resurfaced at La Luz de Jesus gallery. Though another seemingly extravagant expense, owning what I consider her finest work brings unparalleled fulfillment. Also, knowing I’ve bolstered her artistic endeavors.

Here’s a few other small pieces in my collection:





Avi Spivak

Jampur Fraize

Kelly Tunstall

Cat the Cat

Xhu Xho Perez

Lily Z

I also own some vintage art:

Bruce Moore

In embracing these investments, I not only enrich my surroundings but also contribute to the livelihoods of artists, fostering the reciprocal support I hope to receive in my own artistic pursuits.

In the end, opting for original artwork over prints feels like a rite of passage into adulthood, a declaration of refined tastes and personal investment in one’s surroundings.

Moreover, supporting artists isn’t just a responsibility; it’s a rewarding endeavor. Witnessing Your favorite artist’s growth and knowing you played a part in it adds a layer of satisfaction beyond mere ownership.

When considering the costs involved, remember that framing expenses can significantly inflate the final price. Whenever possible, bypassing galleries and purchasing directly from the artist ensures more of your investment directly supporting their craft.

So, let’s continue to adorn our lives and homes with meaningful art, not only for aesthetic pleasure but as a testament to our support for the creative souls shaping our world.