Mural at MUJAM in Mexico City

Mural at MUJAM in Mexico City

Late last year I was invited to do character design for a stop motion co-production Japanese/Mexican animation film, Lucharobomatic. In conjunction with a promotional teaser I painted the two main characters at the MUJAM museum, Trueno Tigre and Furioso Rosa. The idea...

New Furniture

I was on the lookout for this hutch since I saw one at my friend’s house. Lucky him he found it on the street! His was missing the glass and mirror though and mine had the edge cover removed and has been revarnished and restored. I have got all my precious...

Trying Out a Fancy Camera

Can you see a difference in the photo quality from the other stuff I post? I have no idea what I’m doing but I’m trying out some new editing techniques too. Just some eye candy for you of some of the junk I collect. Give you any tattoo ideas?

Custom Paintjob

I found this dentist’s table on ebay and I asked one of my hot rod friends to give it an auto body paint job.

Pumpkin on EBay Help!

I had a pumpkin sugar bowl just like this one and I broke it. I can’t buy this one on ebay because they don’t ship to France. Can anyone in the US help me?