Shopping in Japan Part 2

Continuing with all the retail goodness I found in Japan. Some rice crackers I found in Shimokitizawa. The shop was so gorgeous and vintage too! I will show some pictures of it later. The green crackers were sweet with a sugar glaze almost like a breakfast cereal but more crunchy. Wish I could find them here!


Some records I found at Vinyl Japan Punk Market.


I was on a hunt for the work of this illustrator:  Yuki Koishikawa. I only found some postcards at Pop Culture in Shinjuku. Design styles have changed a lot since we were in Tokyo three years ago.


More records! Many things were on sale and our euro were pretty strong. We could have brought back dozens more records but we had the luggage weight limit!


On one of our wandering days we found an antique gift shop in “Terra Shopping quarters” Daikan-yama station. All I had was the name of a couple of metro stops as a guide for interesting neighborhoods.


Sophisticated Boom Boom and a raffia hair elastic.


Nakano Broadway, I love you! The bag is marked with the name of a sake alcohol and I use it as a purse. The book is a fashion illustrator from the 1930’s. I will show you some images from the inside, it is so wonderful!



Shopping in Japan


I thought I would start the Japan posts by photos of what I bought. We started this tradition last time. it’s fun at the end of the day to lay the day’s treasures out on the bed for documentation.

Embroidered Jacket: Pink Dragon

2 Books about Japanese monsters

Vintage Kimono: 5 euro found in Harajuku from a street vendor

If you want to see all the photos just click!



Bees and Bumblebees

Feeling a little bit of spring on it’s way yesterday. It’s making me think about yellow and black, bumblebees to be exact! Here’s a little tableau of some of my bee related objects. I sometimes see myself as the Queen bee, stinging people with my tattoo needles.


New Addition to the Kitchen

We’ve been in the new apartment almost a year now, I guess you could say I’m taking my time to finish the decorating. I was looking for the exactly right ceiling fixture. Something fifties and something multicolored. I finally found it, unfortunately it wasn’t cheap, but some sweet angel offered to get it for us for as a housewarming gift (they only first saw the apartment in october). I’m so happy, the colors match my circus theme perfectly. Thanks to Fred for helping with the re-wiring and installation!


Perfume and Lipstick

I’m working on some ideas for a painting of perfume and lipstick, so I took some photos of my collection. I know I’m not the best photographer but it was fun putting together this shoot.



New Home for the Dice Collection

I had to build this shelf to house my collection. I was all giddy bringing everything out of the boxes. Look at all the pretty colors!







I’ve been collecting dice since I was about 17. My first electric tattoo was of a pair dice (it’s covered up now but that’s another story). Many people ask me why dice? Franky, I’m not 100% sure why. I’m not a gambler. I got into bakelite much later, but I love how the plastic looks like candy or the other way around. Small, square, lucky. The fact that you also see images of luck in tattoos and associated with rock n roll (rock a billy). It’s pretty possitive I think to be attracted to good luck charms. So maybe that’s it!

Plus I feel like a pretty lucky girl.

It’s the Little Things

…that make me smile. Just a temporary tableau where I have all my jewelery and junk.
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