Owl Purse

I’ve been obsessed with this owl purse by Kate Spade since it came out about 5 years ago. I think it was around 400-500 dollars back then. I searched for it on eBay and it came up every now again but at the same price range. There is just no way that I’ll pay that much for a purse even if I save up my money. I just can’t see myself on the Parisian metro with a bag that costs that much, pretending  I’m someone who can afford these kinds of things. I hate it when people pretend to be posh, don’t you?



So I found a leather purse with a similar shape at the fleamarket in Stuttgart. I paid 15 euro. Then I went about sketching some possible designs.


Here is a photo of the tracing paper I used to transfer the design to the purse.


I found some good leather paint on etsy.



Some color sketches before I decided which way I was going to follow.


Et voilà! the result is so chic! I love my owl bag. I hope this inspires you to reclaim and recycle when you see fashion you like but is out of your price range.



New Outfit Posts

I’ve been inspired to start documenting sartorial posts again. I hope you’ll bear with me while I obsess about vintage clothes! I was in the neighborhood above the Arc de Triomphe the other day and I found this beautiful store front which was perfect for a little photo shoot.

Headband handmade little toys motif Japanese fabric sample

1930’s sweater blazer found at Casablanca here in Paris

Canvas Sake Wine bag as a purse

Black shirtwaist dress found on etsy



Magagrawww! Outfit


Here I am sporting one of my samples. Go to http://megagrawww.com/

Blouse made by me, nail polish Sephora (crap! chips after one day) my favorite rock a billy belt, I ‘ve had it for years!

New Sunny Buick Art in Necklaces- Megagrawww Creations


I’m so happy to announce this collaboration with Megagrawww Creations! Nineteen different necklaces with my signature tattoo inspired mexican sugar skulls. You can check them out and purchase them over at Megagrawww’s website. They go for about 30 euro plus shipping.

The image is printed on porcelain and set into a beautiful metal cameo. I really love the ball chain detail! Not to forget the little bows and rhinestones, so cute! They are made by a super talented french girl, just the sweetest and so nice to work with.  These are limited edition so it’s best to hurry up. Remember it is a small business, and you support both of us artists when you buy. You can be sure to get lots of compliments for such original pieces. She also has a ton of other talented people collaborating with her, you could buy these necklaces by the dozen I swear! Always a great gift idea and you save on shipping when you buy more. It may be a little more expensive for people ordering from the states, but you’re sure to never run into someone wearing the same thing!

I love to have little products like these available for people who can’t make a trip to Paris to get a tattoo by me.

Adele Mildred

Just look at Adele Mildred, illustrator and hat maker, a girl after my own heart. American living in London, an artist and vintage collector. I found her work when I was offered The Vintage Tea Party for Christmas. She’s fabulous!






Kitten on the Keys



Mimi le Meaux and Kitten on the Keys stopped by the shop to visit!

Rouen Part 2


A little fashion shoot on a russian boat in Rouen, for the festival Armada. I brought all my sailor jewelery:














I’m a lucky girl. Marie Cazenave a local fashion designer has moved into the atelier with me. We had already started to collaborate last summer and I designed her first custom fabric. The studio is starting to look very girly and vintage. A perfect mix of fashion, art and tattoos. I’m very excited about the future and I’m sure I will have a ton more exciting projects to share with you very soon!

We share the space with two graphic designers and a painter.

2013-02-17 debille_016

photo above by Debille

We had a fashion shoot in my tattoo room right before she moved in. Here are some outtakes:


photo by Alexandra Bay


Test shot above for model poses that turned out funny: me and Matilde (doing a photo shoot for the new fashion line by Le Boudoir de Marie with fabric designed by me!)

I love collaborating with others (every day I collaborate with the tattoo client!). My creative energy is always augmented when I have a partner to bounce ideas off of. Stayed tuned!