Fabric Collaboration with Le Boudoir de Marie


Here’s a little sneak preview of an exciting new project that has been in the works for awhile now. I designed this fabric for Le Boudoir de Marie. I can’t wait to show you what she’s making with it and where you can get hands on some!

Tattoo Stockings


1. For a literary woman

2. For an engaged woman

3. For aCcountess of Posh

4. For a General’s wife

5. For a lady of the night

6. For a great lover

7. For a messanger girl

8. For a showgirl

From the book La Vie Parisienne Victor Arwas (that I got for Christmas)

Musée de Toile

Do you know what Toile is? It’s a kind of patterned fabric that is used mostly today in decorating. It has a rich history in France. From what I could find out at the museum it was a kind of imitation of fabrics that were imported from India. To make them at home was simpler and cheaper. Spies were even sent to discover the techniques used to create repeating pattern and bright colors. Here’s some examples, I’m sure you’ve seen it before.



When asiatic images are show it falls into a catagory called “Chinoiserie”.

Unfortunately there were no photos allowed inside the Museum. There were carved wooden tools for block printing and copper ones for the highly detailed designs. Most of these parts were melted down after use to move on to the newer items for sale. It was very interesting to learn about. The museum is out of town and about a 15 min walk from the train station. I would recommend it as a day trip.

We took some photos outside in the garden. You’ll see that Marie got dressed up in toile. A skirt from her own fashion collection “Le Boudoire de Marie”. There was a park behind the museum with a grotto! I love grottoes from the romantic period in France.

Outfit details:

Hat: etsy Bonnie’s Knitting

Shirt: Vintage (found in San Francisco ages ago)

Shorts etsy: The Greedy Seagull

Sandals: KJacques

Bag: Kate Spade (gift from my best friend)






Two New Designs/Tshirts at Yujean






Get your tiki and Parisienne themed t-shirts designed by me at Yujean!

I designed these images early this year. It’s a new venture (t-shirt making) for Yujean, I hope they have lots of success. I can’t wait to get my hands on some samples.

Vintage Fashion Illustration Japanese


I found this book about a woman fashion illustrator from Japan. I wish I could tell you more about her but it’s all in Japanese! From what I see she was sometimes modeling herself and most of these fashions seem to date from the 1930’s. I’m pretty sure I spied a photo of her old, head shaved like she became a nun! Anyhow a little mystery is always fun. Please enjoy the lovely images.






Japanese Vintage Fashion


I found these magazines at an antique store in Shimokitazawa. A clothing catalog and a kntting book. These prints are so fantastic and the kids adorable! I can’t help but imagine adult versions. Why do I always want to dress in children’s clothes!?


Oh how I wish I had the outfit below! I don’t knit. I made a decision never to start because I already do so much with my hands, but I do sometimes wish it were a possibility.


A little DIY on how to dress up a cartigan with cuffs, collar and center piece.


I love the image below as it seems to be a link between traditional clothing and occidental influence.


I want to add peacock feathers to a dress! I’m putting this one in a folder of things-to-do-one-day.