I’m so happy to announce this collaboration with Megagrawww Creations! Nineteen different necklaces with my signature tattoo inspired mexican sugar skulls. You can check them out and purchase them over at Megagrawww’s website. They go for about 30 euro plus shipping.

The image is printed on porcelain and set into a beautiful metal cameo. I really love the ball chain detail! Not to forget the little bows and rhinestones, so cute! They are made by a super talented french girl, just the sweetest and so nice to work with.  These are limited edition so it’s best to hurry up. Remember it is a small business, and you support both of us artists when you buy. You can be sure to get lots of compliments for such original pieces. She also has a ton of other talented people collaborating with her, you could buy these necklaces by the dozen I swear! Always a great gift idea and you save on shipping when you buy more. It may be a little more expensive for people ordering from the states, but you’re sure to never run into someone wearing the same thing!

I love to have little products like these available for people who can’t make a trip to Paris to get a tattoo by me.