Banner Article Skin and Ink 2001

When I was in Berlin Guen and I were talking about hand painted banners and she suggested that I bring back my article on banner painting that I did way back in 2001!

I hope you can read this easily. I may be able to edit this article soon with the text typed by hand. Thanks for looking!

Sacred Tattoo/Magic Tattoo

How long ago did the modern world start to lose all of its rituals? Is it modernity itself that dictates that we have no more need for these ceremonies of purification and anointment? I wonder if it could be traced back to the creation of secularism, the separation of church and state. Belief in one life, when you’re dead you’re done. Or is it more recent with a general disappointment in religion and a desire to be free of the constricting, oppressive social pressure and power of the church? Say we are free from religious guilt, the motor making us behave, to follow the rules of society for fear of descending into chaos; but we still feel a need for penance, atonement, repentance, confession. For our own psychological relief, a re-boot, ability to start afresh. Jung spoke of the necessity of the archetypes of religion as a way for us to understand reality.


KunstRomantik #5! Stuttgart

I’ll be in Stuttgart guest tattooing August 6th through the 12th. At my friend Melli’s new address for her hair salon, Dos ‘n’ Dyes. There is a big party on the 11th. Art, music, food, drink, and tattoos.


Mandala- is the tibetian word and symbol for circle. It can also be translated as sphere, environment, community, cosmos, or microcosmos. It is pricipally used for focus during meditation, as a spiritual guidance tool. A reminder of balance or what these things mean to you, or an offering. Sacred space. Used also to induce a trancelike state, which can be helpful when trying to shed all of our preconceived ideas and beliefs learned over a lifetime of bad influences from our environment and society. I’m not jumping on the tattoo bandwagon, 4 of these drawings I drew 20 years ago. That being said, I think a mandala tattoo is great portable meditation reminder and magic to boot!




Milagros Tattooed

Here’s some pics of all the milagros tattoos I’ve done recently from my flash sheets. Thank you so much to all my wonderful clients! I love doing these. LOVE




Cat Tattoos

I love to do cat tattoos and my clients love them too. Do you want one? Just send me an email at

Jungle Exotica Tattoo Designs

There’s a new trend in tattooing, Jungle Exotica, and I’ve got a wild selection. These are just my own ideas, with a couple for clients, but I can draw you anything your heart desires. Just contact me for a consultation

Stuttagart Winter Trip


As I’ve been traveling so much this year, I haven’t had the chance to write a little about all my trips. In Febuary I was in Stuttgart for 10 days. It was when I changed my hair to pink! And I did some cool tattoos too.

stuttgart2 stuttgart3 stuttgart4 stuttgart5 stuttgart6IMG_3150sm IMG_3144sm