In January I did a one week guest at Frida Loca Tattoo in Marseille. I’ll be back there soon, so let me know if you want a tattoo or just to meet up.

While I was there, I stayed in a beautiful apartment all by myself so the mornings you could find me drawing at the beautifully orange kitchen table:

I also did some writing. I finally got around to writing down all the things one should know before starting to tattoo. I’ve been tattooing 28 years and I’ve been asked countless times. Now there’s a handy list. Let me know if you’d like to take a peek at it.

Peggy’s shop is one of the most beautiful I’ve visited in France. She never stops painting and her work is decorating every nook and cranny of the place. Plus she’s a collector, just like me. Look at this tiger that she found at a flea market:

We did a trade a few years ago and here’s my painting hanging in her shop:

The last day I went and visited the cathedral on the hill. Great views, so spectacular!

Last summer we visited, my husband and I, and we went to the Musée de Beaux Arts.



Behind the museum is an abandoned zoo. There are some strange art? sculptures now in the cages.




One day Chloé was getting ready to tattoo and I heard her say “OK Google, Black Sabbath” it made me laugh so hard! Every tattoo shop should have a sign that says this:

With the exception of two projects, I only tattoo dogs and cats.

I love that I have a pied à terre in the south of France now! Please contact me if you want to see me the next time I’m there.