San Francisco and Oakland 2018

One of my favorite things that we did in San Francisco this last June was to go to the Wave Organ. If you like experimental music and weird sounds and beautiful views, this place is for you. I heard that the stonework came from recycling gravestones!?????

Wave Organ SF Bay

Another pleasant discovery was the pinball arcade Free Gold Watch 1767 Waller Street in the upper Haight district.

And Clement Street had it’s surprises as well. On an enormous store front that used to be an antique store, someone has their art studio. The place is for lease so maybe the art studion is temporary. I wish I knew more because I think it is very intriguing!

Mural near Clement Street. Jason Jagel 2016

Mill Valley:

I lived for a while in Mill Valley in the ’90’s. It was cool place to live. We were up on Mount Tamalpias. When I drove to college I could be in the city in 15 minutes. But we were in the middle of a forest! It was pretty cool, except for the having to maintain a vehicle. Anyway, it was nice to visit again even though everything has changed and that life style is no longer a possibility for anyone except the rich. Another place that makes me nostalgic and dreamy.

North Beach:

Cafe Trieste with Al, just magic, sweet memories. Thanks Al, thanks San Francsico!

Oakland is a very nice place to explore. Most of my friends from my San Francisco days now live in Oakland. There seem to be a lot of artists and creative outlets, plus a lot of art deco architecture. And that’s a plus in my book….

Nevada and Lake Tahoe Summer 2018


As a child and young adult I’ve made the trip to Reno, Navada or Lake Tahoe many times. We had family in Reno and my Uncle has been living in Lake Tahoe since I was an adult. Reno was also my familly’s Christmas destination, and each Christmas we would see snow. Every summer I would drive my ’73 Dodge Dart to witness “hot august nights” a parade of old cars.  The thrift stores were really great in the early ’90’s.

Our friend Eddie drove us up the 431 to an observation point, to look at Washoe Lake and the beautiful desert. On the way we passed this crumbled building that left a huge impression on me. I just feel like it stands as a metaphor for neglect and decay of America.

This used to be a restaurant/night club and Eddie used to play his trumpet there in the ’50’s. I was thinking that maybe the roof needed repairs but money was tight and a heavy snow fall caved the roof in. But there were so many rusting antiques around the building, so I feel like the only action the owner of this building is capable of is of accumilation. No energy was lost on reparation or maintaining infrastruture. Procrastination may have been the problem. Or maybe noone came there anymore, interests change, now people prefer to go to glittery strip clubs, sports bars or stay at home in front of cable t.v.

There is a real problem with the derelection of our heritage. It is so tradgic and depressing to see the rot, right before one’s eyes. I wish I could have been there to whisper « make do and mend » to the owner of this building, to « be happy with what you have » instead of searching to have more. Maybe to sell a little to finance repairs. But I know it is so much easier to find a new object to add to the collection than to let go or repair. The high cost of maintaning, added to no value for history and you have this slovenly road side attraction.

Virginia City

V.C. Is in a pretty good state of preservation, nostalgia is high here for the gold rush days. My french friend wanted to live there. I’m sure he was attracted to the idea of isolation, solitude, and romaniticism of America’s past.

Someone is doing nice signpainting in V.C.

Neon in Reno

last visit two years ago I had a feeing we should doccument all the great motel neon in Reno, I was sadly with reason, about a dozen have been bulldozed down since then.

I found out that a developement company bought up a lot of old motels and then abandoned them. Others are attracting bad elements, like prostitutes and junkies. There were some citizens that called for restoring the motels and making them kitsch vintage rentals. I also found out that there is one man trying to save all the neon, Will Durnam. He wants to open a museum. Read about it here.

Lake Tahoe

Nature, beauty, simplicity not much has changed. Thank God!

A little video I made:

California Part 2 Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz

Santa Barbara

While exploring Santa Barbara, I stumbled upon my ideal art studio. So European but of course with a California/Spanish influence. Look at this beautiful window! And the patina on that wall! I wonder who’s art studio it was? Maybe a couple of artists, an art colony? Sadly it seems to be offices today, probably lawyers.

We found this record shop by chance. It has a very good selection with beautiful handcrafted record bins. The guy working there was really nice too. I found a Slim Whitman record.

Across the street there is a museum, I didn’t catch the name of the said museum, but the show up at the moment was about the Spanish culture in Santa Barbara and the festival “Old Spanish Days”.

Oh California! If anyone wonders why my art is so influences by Mexican and Chinese imagery, now you know. It’s my growing up in California.

We had lunch next to this beautiful cinema and found a great antique shop nearby. The store had all California/Spanish antiques and jewelery. A real treasure, very expensive, but like a museum in the quality of what was in the store. I was very impressed by this collection of portraits. Anders Aldrin.

Santa Cruz

I grew up near Santa Cruz, I spent many summer days at the Boardwalk. I don’t remember what was in this warehouse before, when I was a kid, but the museum there shows that it used to be a swimming pool in the 20’s – 40’s. Now it’s miniature golf with a pirate theme, with animatronics! And a super cool lighthouse!

The caveman and cavewoman are still on the aerial tramway. And it still gives me vertigo!

California 2018 Part 1 SoCal

San Diego California, mid June 2018, the begining of a beautiful summer. Here I am unable to stop my planning and scheming for the future. I’m kinda excited about some spiritual growth I’ve made in the last few months. I hope to share more with you soon. This vacation helped me to put some order in my chaotic thoughts.

We visited the Barrio district of San Diego, possibly the most vibrant area in town. Great food, record stores, lowbrow art galleries, art studios, murals. My kind of place!


KunstRomantik #5! Stuttgart

I’ll be in Stuttgart guest tattooing August 6th through the 12th. At my friend Melli’s new address for her hair salon, Dos ‘n’ Dyes. There is a big party on the 11th. Art, music, food, drink, and tattoos.

Mural at MUJAM in Mexico City

Late last year I was invited to do character design for a stop motion co-production Japanese/Mexican annimation film, Lucharobomatic. In conjunction with a promotional teaser I painted the two main characters at the MUJAM museum, Trueno Tigre and Furioso Rosa. The idea of the film is that robots are anonimous, only a dozen or so different series and thousands of copies of each model. They are forced start wearing masks to differentiate, so they can wrestle mexican style. The bad guys are the producers of programmed disfunction the ones who force the robots to fight until death. They battle until total destruction of their oponent. They start to develope an identity under the masks and form a resistance to enslavement and programed obsolescence. Matches are held in an old abandoned mambo club, outside an enormous metal face with giant hands holding morracas. From Tokyo to Mexico city robot masked wrestlers are preparing for the throw down. And I am the Roseheaded pink cotton candy haired artist, asked to pose for photos with Mexican children. The story plot is pretty conventional but there are some interesting Twists and Double twists.


Stuttagart Winter Trip


As I’ve been traveling so much this year, I haven’t had the chance to write a little about all my trips. In Febuary I was in Stuttgart for 10 days. It was when I changed my hair to pink! And I did some cool tattoos too.

stuttgart2 stuttgart3 stuttgart4 stuttgart5 stuttgart6IMG_3150sm IMG_3144sm

Brussels Toy Museum Part 3

This is the third post about the Brussels Toy Museum check out the others here and here.

I love these pink kitchen sets. Clearly an example of stereotyping in toys made for girls, the forming of sexual identity and the roles cut out for them by society!


I love these over sized dominoes left out on a table in one of the rooms. I makes me chuckle to think of adults using them with nostalgia; that they seemed so much bigger in small hands.


Jeu de Bagatelle the ancestor of the pinball machine. Placed propped up at an angle on a table and played with standard size glass marbles. Score keeping I imagine was written on paper.




Little sewing machine.




In this case you’ll see a crazy vinyl toy with a caterpillar and his three passengers: a monkey a bear and a clown. Below the sketch I did. Also, I love that (Bakelite?) merry go round and would love to see it in action!


Me with the director!


I decided to write a

Poem about the museum

On the side of the kiosk
Headlines call out “A Toy Museum in Belgium
Found to be a Secret Portal to a Forgotten Corner of Reality”
With a byline: Local Children Have Been the Guardians of this Hidden Gem for Several Generations.
It was my first possession this small object; a miniature version of a future imagined, Plaything of my dream
When I was green…
Well loved, with nicks, dents, or rust, worn out paint on corners, crooked or, broken and                                                                                                                                                                  Then repaired, missing one eye, cracks; but absolutely sublime in the imperfections…
I read recently that “reality is imaginary”                                                                                                                                                          Let’s break away from conformity and choose our own reality
To imagine the world in small scale,
Child size,
Doll measurements, is to understand what it is to have more space:
Discover a cure for claustrophobia.
Switch proportions,
Shrinking, projecting oneself down to a pocketable proportion
A desire a want to disappear,
To escape into a fantasy of my own creation
Agrandir just the good stuff.
Avoid the responsibilty of greatness,
The gift of vulnerability
Shirk challenge, reject reality, internalize.
My body is a toy museum.
I must shrink down to explore the inner room.
I see a shape, a murky form, it opens a door to an idea or a memory.
Discover the unknown, understand, find hidden forgotten items.
An interior voyage to deep healing,
Deep discovery.
The required action in exchange for a ticket to the next horizon.
A tickling sensation, something gently flutters inside,
Exciting such juvenile delight.
Flying by like screeching monkeys
A group of knee high individuals soar up the stairs,
Circle around a table, stop, look at that! No! Let’s go here
Down, through and back again.
Bubbling over with joy, exploding with the pleasure of celebrating this day, this place this dream.
What shall we play at now? I know: Let’s make a tea party- invisible liquids, pretend goodies, hosting for imagined guests.
Teddy bear in a tiny wicker chair, a birthday cake, a special occassion, such a lovely image, so mouth watering, some sugar, more presents…
Remembering rainy day indoor games, finding contentment in being trapped in a meloncoly grey room.
Retell all the details, hours passed by one game morphing into another until the floor was covered with the entire treasure chest.
When we were lowercase playtime was capital.


Brussels Toy Museum Part 2

This is the second post about the Brussels Toy Museum, read the other post here.

For young budding engineers and mechanics, here’s some gorgeous gears, chains and cogs:




Here’s a photo of your’s truely after I shrunk myself down to fit in the mini tollbooth.


Check out these display cases that ressemble houses on a block.



Motorcycle for a miniature Marlon Brando.


The enchanted repair shop. I was lucky to take a peek because I think this door is usually closed.


Paper theaters! What children did before there was television!!!


I covet all of these lovely watches!




I love the glamor of these two blond 1930’s cowgirls and their bee-stung lips. Followed by the sketch I did of them.



A fabulous collection of toy castles, many of which look hand made.




New York 2015

The tattoos I did while guesting at Daredevil Tattoo, Chinatown, New York City.
nyc2015 063sm

nyc2015 059sm

nyc2015 057sm

nyc2015 054sm

nyc2015 041sm