Museum of Tin Toys in Yokohama

Museum of Tin Toys in Yokohama

Museum of Tin Toys Yokohama I’m a huge book collector. For instance, tons of inspiration for my art work comes from books like, 1000 Robots, Spaceships and Other Tin Toys and American Tin-Litho Toys Taschen, 1996. Because of my love of this book I made sure to visit...
Mural at MUJAM in Mexico City

Mural at MUJAM in Mexico City

Late last year I was invited to do character design for a stop motion co-production Japanese/Mexican animation film, Lucharobomatic. In conjunction with a promotional teaser I painted the two main characters at the MUJAM museum, Trueno Tigre and Furioso Rosa. The idea...


1. Godzilla Demolition Co., 2. ????????. 2, 3. “BAT-TLE ROYALE” (Batman vs. Gojira), 4. Rodan

Every Idea Comes From Somewhere

When I saw this photo of a Godzilla/Kaiju monster plushie rock band, I knew I had to paint it! You can find lots of great collectables like these in An Unautorised Guide to Godzilla Collectables by Sean Linkenback Schiffer Books.  


Is it Godzilla? Is it a robot? I don’t know but I love it! Someboby, please come and get this tattooed by me! Here he is in his original state. Plus a photo of me with Teruhisa Kitahara the owner of Toys Club and the Tin Toy Museum in Yokohama. His book Robots...

Shopping and Customising

I found Betty Jo Designs one day on Flickr and nearly had a heart attack. Needless to say I immediately ordered 3 broaches. I love my strawberry eating Godzilla. They are made out of old linoleum! I wore them today on an old Brown gabardine dress that I had customized...