Mural at MUJAM in Mexico City

Late last year I was invited to do character design for a stop motion co-production Japanese/Mexican annimation film, Lucharobomatic. In conjunction with a promotional teaser I painted the two main characters at the MUJAM museum, Trueno Tigre and Furioso Rosa. The idea of the film is that robots are anonimous, only a dozen or so different series and thousands of copies of each model. They are forced start wearing masks to differentiate, so they can wrestle mexican style. The bad guys are the producers of programmed disfunction the ones who force the robots to fight until death. They battle until total destruction of their oponent. They start to develope an identity under the masks and form a resistance to enslavement and programed obsolescence. Matches are held in an old abandoned mambo club, outside an enormous metal face with giant hands holding morracas. From Tokyo to Mexico city robot masked wrestlers are preparing for the throw down. And I am the Roseheaded pink cotton candy haired artist, asked to pose for photos with Mexican children. The story plot is pretty conventional but there are some interesting Twists and Double twists.


Every Idea Comes From Somewhere

When I saw this photo of a Godzilla/Kaiju monster plushie rock band, I knew I had to paint it! You can find lots of great collectables like these in An Unautorised Guide to Godzilla Collectables by Sean Linkenback Schiffer Books.





Is it Godzilla? Is it a robot? I don’t know but I love it! Someboby, please come and get this tattooed by me!


Here he is in his original state. Plus a photo of me with Teruhisa Kitahara the owner of Toys Club and the Tin Toy Museum in Yokohama. His book Robots and Spaceships is available through Taschen.



Shopping and Customising

I found Betty Jo Designs one day on Flickr and nearly had a heart attack. Needless to say I immediately ordered 3 broaches. I love my strawberry eating Godzilla. They are made out of old linoleum! I wore them today on an old Brown gabardine dress that I had customized by my friend Doro in Brussels. The dress is fabulous, probably an old uniform, but I had the skull added, because it was a little plain.


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Both girls can be found on etsy here and here.

Godzilla Sighting!

Look who we saw in the Shimakitazawa district of Tokyo! Last june: