Coloring Book for Grown Ups- Fashionable Stress Solution


My new coloring book is out from Monsa Publishing! You can find it on Amazon. Or at Monsa.

Thank you for your interest in my coloring book. I hope it brings you many hours relaxing creativity. In this book you will find candy castles, sugar skulls, religious icons, tattoo symbols, circus animals, day of the dead decoration, tea parties, ice cream, lollipops, cats, sailors and tikis.

Luck, spirituality, sweetness, goodness, rock ‘n’ roll, travel, and fantasy are all themes  you can see in my art. Art is therapy, I find that it helps me a lot. Having a creative passtime is at the same time relaxing and distracting . Adult coloring books are very fashionable at the moment, making creation possible even for those who cannot draw the basic images. The important thing is that each person will end up with a different result, that’s creativity! I recommend using colored pencils or colored markers (you can start with markers and then add shading with pencils). Some things to think about while you color my designs; Vanity, worship, faith, savior, adventure, fun, love, death, femininity, exoticism, escape, comfort, joy, the antidotes to this crazy stressful world.

Please remember that I hold the copyright to these images, your finished colored pages are for your own personal use only, in your home or for gifts. Please do not use these images to make objects to resell or to tattoo. If you would like to use any of my images for commercial projects you must contact me for authorisation at

Thanks I really hope you enjoy it!

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New Mugs


I’ve got mugs now! I have a few at the shop other than that I’m not sure where to find them yet in the US, but I’ll let you know when I find out!

New Prints for Xmas



My friend Cecilia, a french girl who now lives in Portland, Oregon, has a super cool shop on etsy. You should follow her if you want a chance at the super cool stuff she lists. It’s called Wildsville, click here to visit.

Magagrawww! Outfit


Here I am sporting one of my samples. Go to

Blouse made by me, nail polish Sephora (crap! chips after one day) my favorite rock a billy belt, I ‘ve had it for years!


I’m a lucky girl. Marie Cazenave a local fashion designer has moved into the atelier with me. We had already started to collaborate last summer and I designed her first custom fabric. The studio is starting to look very girly and vintage. A perfect mix of fashion, art and tattoos. I’m very excited about the future and I’m sure I will have a ton more exciting projects to share with you very soon!

We share the space with two graphic designers and a painter.

2013-02-17 debille_016

photo above by Debille

We had a fashion shoot in my tattoo room right before she moved in. Here are some outtakes:


photo by Alexandra Bay


Test shot above for model poses that turned out funny: me and Matilde (doing a photo shoot for the new fashion line by Le Boudoir de Marie with fabric designed by me!)

I love collaborating with others (every day I collaborate with the tattoo client!). My creative energy is always augmented when I have a partner to bounce ideas off of. Stayed tuned!


Marché de Noël ce Weekend!

Buick, Carnets de Traverse, Hejorama, Cosmo Sapiens, As de Pique et
Pierre-Adrien Sollier vous convient dans leurs locaux pour un marché de
Noël convivial. 

marchenoel marchenoel2

Vendredi 14 décembre : 10h – 19h
Samedi 15 & dimanche 16 décembre : 11h – 19h
(ponctués de pauses friandises et boissons raffraichissantes – vente aux enchères le dimanche)Des cadeaux de Noël pour tous les goûts et tous les prix, proposés par :

Sunny Buick, tattoo & illustration, “cannibal bonbon”

Carnets de Traverse, carnets de voyages graphiques et poétiques
Hejorama, magazine et communauté de voyageurs curieux Sapiens, Smart Evolution Office

As de Pique, vélos sur mesure

Pierre-Adrien Sollier, artiste peintre officiel des Playmobil

– Joyeux Noel ! –

Les hôtes du 11 bis rue du Moulin Joly, Paris 11ème.

11bis rue du Moulin Joly, 75011 Paris, France