I don’t remember what year the postal rates went up in the United States, but France was not long after. I was shocked when I went to send off posters and prints that I sold in my little etsy shop. The price for shipping had almost doubled! But I kept the price down on my shop and took it upon myself to pay for most of the shipping. Still, sales slowed down. Until I noticed I wasn’t making any sales at all anymore, and so I closed my shop. Most everyone I followed on etsy closed as well. This was in or around 2016?

But I decided to give it another go. Some friends of mine were selling their little prints and I was encouraged by other friendly folks. I made a sale the very same day! Etsy revamped a lot of stuff on their site and buyers are supporting it again. You can check it out. The stuff I have for sale there is a bit different from what I offer here on my website. It seems that some folks prefer buying from Etsy than a private website. I can understand.

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