Debriefing: Exposition Gang of Witches 2018 Venus’ Revolution

It was a wild ride this year.

Venus’ Revolution, the symbol for woman and the feminist movement, the planet, the goddess. So many strong feelings around this subject.

This year I just had one painting, plus the small installation of banners with angry little messages. I was chuckling to myself as I finished them. It is so typical of me that even when the words are furious, the image is all pink and pretty.

Here’s the artist’s statement about the painting:

Bougainville discovered Polynesia when he arrived in Tahiti in 1768. Returning home enchanted by this island paradise, populated by topless tattooed women who could freely choose their sexual partners, offering themselves to the foreign sailors, whom they beleived to be gods.

With their readymade garden of Eden myth and the disobedient Eve, the returning explorers started a campain to convince the authorities of the need to convert this «savage» population to Christianity, cover their nudity and destroy their pagan idols. We know their real purpose was to exploit the natural ressources and create a port of call. They used shame as a psychological domination technique, as it is still used in our capitalist, narcissistic societies today.

This work, Retribution Ritual, is a feminist revenge fantasy of the oppressed; a Wahinis’ revolution, where they have realized early on that their innocence and generosity have been abused, which leads them to return the violence they have suffered and become the perpetrators, offering the heads of their enemies to the Tiki idol, symbolically dismantling patriarchy.

A closeup:

Some of the banners:

Some information about the event:


Espace Léon Cœur
3, rue Portefoin 3eme Paris

Release of our 2018 Book: Venus 220 Pages limited edition 300 copies


Exposition « Venus’ révolution »

• Paola Hivelin – Visions – Peinture & sculpture • Melanie Torok – Wake Up – Photos • Sunny Buick – Retribution Ritual – Installation • Ciou – Éléments – Paintings • Sandrine Elberg – Yuki-Onna – Photos •Mina Mond – HAX – Painting •Lorenzo – Without Anything, But This – Photos •Frédéric Betsch – à l’ombre des containers – Photos •Vivien Bertin – Iceland – Photos •Julie Atlas Muz –Venus – Performance •Émilie Jouvet – My Body My Rules – Film •Aymeric Bergadat du Cadet – Icône – Photo


⭐️PROGRAM for 24, May, 2018⭐️
GOW We Are Gang of Witches – Music performance

Mikka Lommi –We are gang of Witches – Video Clip

Tattoo booth with flash created for the event

Julie Atlas Muz –Venus – Performance


Most photos by Yohann Cordell

Photo by

Photo by

Photo by

Photo by

Beaux Arts Magzine came to film the event!! We are so happy with the results, thanks Beaux Arts!

I recently painted a book cover for a local artist, it’s called Chansons Cachées. The author came by and did this interview with me.

Thank you so much to the team who put this together and all my friends who made it out for the party. See you next year!

Exposition Gang of Witches in Paris


ÉDITION Un ouvrage précieux en série limitée à 300 exemplaires Une version numérique en téléchargement libre dès juillet 2018


GANG OF WITCHES Peinture, littérature, photographie, vidéo, performance





GANG OF WITCHES, live | JULIE ATLAS MUZ, performance

Le Jeudi 24 mai 2018 De 19h à 22H30 Espace Léon Cœur Marais 3, rue Portefoin 75003 Paris

Exposition du 25 mai au 2 juin 2018

MUSIQUE Inclus dans l’édition papier, le 45 tours « We are Gang Of Witches » En écoute libre sur SoundCloud dès avril 2018 Video clip par MIIKKA LOMMI

« C’est à travers le prisme mythologique et archétypal des corps célestes que les créations de GANG OF WITCHES questionnent le monde.

Après une Édition-pilote dédiée à la Lune en 2017, GANG OF WITCHES déroule un fil rouge astronomique, et continue son exploration symbolique du système solaire. Cette année, nous convoquons Vénus.

Au rythme d’un balancement entre esprit conscient et inconscient, entre réalité et archétypes, l’Édition 2018 de GANG OF WITCHES, « VENUS’ REVOLUTION », se déroule telle un conte initiatique qui invite à la connaissance et à l’amour de soi, et au respect de l’autre, humain, animal ou végétal.

GANG OF WITCHES s’arme d’art et d’amour pour célébrer une féminité puissante, singulière et affranchie du sexe biologique. Nous abordons également les limites de la structure patriarcale et capitaliste de nos sociétés sur-consommatrices, la restriction exponentielle des libertés individuelles, les progrès techniques décorrélés des besoins réels des populations, et l’urgence écologique. »

CONTACT PRESSE | MURIEL MARASTI |+33 (0)6 17 36 26 08 |

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Jungle Exotica Tattoo Designs

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Big Art Show Last June

Last fall with some kick ass women friends, we decided to start a collective. We wrote a manifesto, which you can read below. We want to pool our resources to promote and encourage each other and we also want to do projects together. Below you can read our manifesto:


Women (and friends) Interdisciplinary and Transcendent Creative Heaven


The night of the full moon october 2016 in Paris, the artistic collective W.I.T.C.H. was born. The five founding memebers are Sunny Buick (tattoo artist, painter), Paola Hivelin (artist), Sophie Noël-Saton (musician, writer), LaBaronne O (photographer) and Lina Prokofieff (photographer), citizens of the world, warriors of the light, impossible dreamers. They turn naturally to the architype of the sorceress to baptize their new circle. Independent and powerful, often timid sometimes mocked, always with a halo of mystery, the witch is the master of her identity. Her image marks the place of women in society and of their combats of each era. Since the 1960’s she is a feminist icon, an ecologist, anti-capitalist, and the ideal symbol for the artists of W.I.T.C.H. feminine intitative (yet open to men) and community for a conscious awakening to the ecology is an urgent matter. The collective arises in a context of uniformity of thought, against mass culture empty of sense and oriented only for profit and distraction, a major ecological crisis, maintain a climate of fear of dispair and obscurantism.

Art is a vital necessity for these five women. They are in an insessant quest of their own selves, of meaning, of harmony and of the absolute. All emotions, actions, events constitutes the raw material of their creations. An ordeal becomes an initiation. An intention transforms into a magic formula. A repeated gesture evolves into ritual. A meeting changes into a celebration. Then begins the alchemic work: melanging a glitter powder, some mirroirs and some pigments, tattooing a story under the skin, using of ancestral symbols, producing music of celestial sounds, a symphony of words or taming light through photography. These are their tools of sublimation and the revelation of the invisible, the inexpressible. They give themselves over to a creation organic and spiritual through a mysterious process, between trance and relentless perfectionism, cultivating their paradoxes and welcoming in themselves the opposing forces of existance.

The collective is united by the desire to restore the essential link between art and sacred, the sacred and forces of nature. Their major objective is to establish a protected space for reflection, exchange and creation, a bubble undisturbed by any productive constraints, rich in singular propositions, fertil, powerful, far from stereotypes. The wish to develope automous networks and alternative diffusions, notably through a seasonal revue, Gang of Witches, which has for a mission to promote the collective’s philosophy, as well as artists, researchers and thinkers that are resonating with such.

This gang of “good witches” is situated at the frontier of the material and spiritual sphere, of the visible and invisible, conscious and un conscious, of humor and revolt, of resistance and resiliance. They voyage from one to the other, united and nyctalope, creating points of convergance, opening portals, bringing out the beauty of the world.

Please click to continue and see some photos from opening night:


Mural at MUJAM in Mexico City

Late last year I was invited to do character design for a stop motion co-production Japanese/Mexican annimation film, Lucharobomatic. In conjunction with a promotional teaser I painted the two main characters at the MUJAM museum, Trueno Tigre and Furioso Rosa. The idea of the film is that robots are anonimous, only a dozen or so different series and thousands of copies of each model. They are forced start wearing masks to differentiate, so they can wrestle mexican style. The bad guys are the producers of programmed disfunction the ones who force the robots to fight until death. They battle until total destruction of their oponent. They start to develope an identity under the masks and form a resistance to enslavement and programed obsolescence. Matches are held in an old abandoned mambo club, outside an enormous metal face with giant hands holding morracas. From Tokyo to Mexico city robot masked wrestlers are preparing for the throw down. And I am the Roseheaded pink cotton candy haired artist, asked to pose for photos with Mexican children. The story plot is pretty conventional but there are some interesting Twists and Double twists.


Stuttagart Winter Trip


As I’ve been traveling so much this year, I haven’t had the chance to write a little about all my trips. In Febuary I was in Stuttgart for 10 days. It was when I changed my hair to pink! And I did some cool tattoos too.

stuttgart2 stuttgart3 stuttgart4 stuttgart5 stuttgart6IMG_3150sm IMG_3144sm

LANCEMENT et VERNISSAGES / Launch and Art Openings W.I.T.C.H.

GANG OF WITCHES Full moon party 9/6/2017 from Periscope on Vimeo.

9 juin 19h a 23h
23 rue Basfroi 11eme Paris
LANCEMENT de l’Edition 2017: Objectif lune
Livre d’artistes en série limitée et numérotée

• Paola Hivelin – Visions – Peinture & sculpture
• Lina Prokofieff – Possession – Photographie
• Sunny Buick – Poupées Foraines – Peinture
• LaBaronne O – Collaboration photographique

Sophie Noël & Aude Halary Récital baroque 21h
House Of Drama Performance 22h
Deejays SOAP & Simone Bassline
Tattoo booth avec un flash créé pour l’événement

> Muriel Marasti
> +33 (0)6 17 36 26 08

Après le vernissage la galerie sera ouvert à 12h à 20h le 10 au 16 juin