Video Clip

My friend katyparis filmed me at my studio a little while ago and we collaborated on this short clip. I did all the animation, it was fun!

A day with Sunny Buick.

Welcome to “A La Belle Pique” a private tattoo studio in Paris, France.

Here is your host Sunny Buick, multi-talented artist from San Francisco, California.

Follow her to her little jewelery box atelier. She has created this small show case for her paintings and a cosy spot for your custom tattoo projects.

Luminous, clean and one of the best kept secret addresses in Paris.

You’ll take the time for a cup of tea, chat, discuss art and life and who knows maybe a little music? You can come by and see, uniquely by appointment. Have a great day!

New Studio

Sometime around mid january, Marie and I decided it was time to close the big atelier and move on to new things. We had been struggling to find a sixth and seventh renter and the front garden had been a mess for over a year. Everytime I came to work and saw how ugly the garden was and how much mud had been tracked into the loft, I wanted to scream and cry. Plus the neighborhood had never been ideal for us girls.

I started immediately to look for a new space by myself as I didn’t really see any other option for a speedy transition. This was the first place I looked at. It wasn’t ideal, as the toilet is in the room next door, and I didn’t even get a look at it on the first visit. Later when I saw how big it was, and that it was already painted red, I loved it!

I had some serious work done. The floor was an ugly rope carpet. I had that ripped out and my signature checkerboard linoeum put in and a little sink installed in the corner.


One of the first days of moving, already getting crowded. it’s a very small room 8 1/2 mettres square!


My friend and client Nicolas (who is an artist and architect had the great idea to stack my IKEA shelves to save space.


This is a peek at the bathroom, where I have room to stock some of my tattoo supplies.


At this point you can still see into the courtyard. I wanted to cover those windows so that when I tattoo, I would have 100% privacy.


So now in the new photo you can see the milky white stickers that I added to the window. I love these kinds of windows! It really is the traditional window for french ateliers, they just cry out artists’s studio. I’m really happy about that feature. The courtyard is also very clean and gives a good first impression, which is so important to me. The old space with the scary state of the garden was a nightmare for me!


So with the windows blocked out just in time for my first client, I started to work in the mess!


I didn’t have my red work table in this placement at first, but as soon as I tried it out I realised I had a lot more room to move about, even with the massage table set up. I’m really happy about the little sink just next to me. Hand washing happens maybe 50 times a day!




The lovely Ann getting a tattoo for for her new little boy…


Still a lot to do, like hanging pictures, shelves, the dice collection (where should it go? the big question), installing the heater, organising my books. And in the meantime I have lots of drawing for clients, tattoos and new Yujean projects. I will take my time for the rest of it and share some photos as I go.

The brand new and improved “A La Belle Pique” is open for business! Contact me if you would like an appointment. Thanks!

Miss Van Mural Paris







Marie and I went to visit Miss Van while she was painting her mural on the rue Oberkampf.

Cabaret New Burlesque

The girls from the film Tournée were in town a few weeks ago. I’ve been friend with Kitten on the Keys for oh just 25 years or so. She invited me and Marie to come see the show and Peekaboo asked me for a tattoo! So we did a little Paris souvenir, coffee and a croissant:) A fun little evening with the girls. (Dirty Martini was along too!)





Paris Beatnik Week


End of summer, back to school and the autumn approaching create desires to write, read or see an amazing film. We went twice to the Pompidou museum to see films in a series of Shirley Clarke. I saw this beatnik in the streets offering a poem on the spot. Reminds me of San Francisco. We saw The Cool World and The Connection. So good.


I’m a lucky girl. Marie Cazenave a local fashion designer has moved into the atelier with me. We had already started to collaborate last summer and I designed her first custom fabric. The studio is starting to look very girly and vintage. A perfect mix of fashion, art and tattoos. I’m very excited about the future and I’m sure I will have a ton more exciting projects to share with you very soon!

We share the space with two graphic designers and a painter.

2013-02-17 debille_016

photo above by Debille

We had a fashion shoot in my tattoo room right before she moved in. Here are some outtakes:


photo by Alexandra Bay


Test shot above for model poses that turned out funny: me and Matilde (doing a photo shoot for the new fashion line by Le Boudoir de Marie with fabric designed by me!)

I love collaborating with others (every day I collaborate with the tattoo client!). My creative energy is always augmented when I have a partner to bounce ideas off of. Stayed tuned!


Marché de Noël ce Weekend!

Buick, Carnets de Traverse, Hejorama, Cosmo Sapiens, As de Pique et
Pierre-Adrien Sollier vous convient dans leurs locaux pour un marché de
Noël convivial. 

marchenoel marchenoel2

Vendredi 14 décembre : 10h – 19h
Samedi 15 & dimanche 16 décembre : 11h – 19h
(ponctués de pauses friandises et boissons raffraichissantes – vente aux enchères le dimanche)Des cadeaux de Noël pour tous les goûts et tous les prix, proposés par :

Sunny Buick, tattoo & illustration, “cannibal bonbon”

Carnets de Traverse, carnets de voyages graphiques et poétiques
Hejorama, magazine et communauté de voyageurs curieux Sapiens, Smart Evolution Office

As de Pique, vélos sur mesure

Pierre-Adrien Sollier, artiste peintre officiel des Playmobil

– Joyeux Noel ! –

Les hôtes du 11 bis rue du Moulin Joly, Paris 11ème.

11bis rue du Moulin Joly, 75011 Paris, France