I’m pleased to share with you an interview/podcast I did with Krystal Kenney. Krystal is a photographer, writer, coach, speaker and so much more. Check out my interview (it is episode 130) and be sure to subscribe.

Krystal Kennedy also known as  @missparisphoto  on Instagram, interviewed me for her podcast La Vie Creative. Listen and follow her, support another American girl following her artistic dreams to move to France. We talked about recovering from the pandemic, the challenges of being a creative person, being courageous enough to follow your dreams, and making big changes in life. We also talk about power and magic.
Krystal’s Instagram shows joy and talent as a photographer. She specializes in romantic wedding, engagement and family vacation photos here in Paris. Isn’t that genius? Did you ever think of booking an afternoon with a professional photographer while in Paris? A beautiful souvenir for a beautiful trip. Stay tuned because Krystal will be taking some new photos of me very soon!
The link for the podcast is in my bio in the beacons link tree. Thanks for listening!


Instagram: @missparisphoto
Twitter: Creative_Paris_