Video Clip

My friend katyparis filmed me at my studio a little while ago and we collaborated on this short clip. I did all the animation, it was fun!

A day with Sunny Buick.

Welcome to “A La Belle Pique” a private tattoo studio in Paris, France.

Here is your host Sunny Buick, multi-talented artist from San Francisco, California.

Follow her to her little jewelery box atelier. She has created this small show case for her paintings and a cosy spot for your custom tattoo projects.

Luminous, clean and one of the best kept secret addresses in Paris.

You’ll take the time for a cup of tea, chat, discuss art and life and who knows maybe a little music? You can come by and see, uniquely by appointment. Have a great day!

John Waters

All my friend are crazy about John Waters. I used to dream of having a part in one of his films. It’s a crime that we don’t see any new films by him. I read that producers still expect him to continue do low budget films and he says he’s just tired of how hard the difficulties are with no real budget. I read that he hasn’t stopped writing films but he can’t find the backing and that’s why there’s no new films by him. What a shame!

He does have a new book Carsick: John Waters Hitchhikes Across America

Here’s some photos including some of my favorite people here in Europe: Cry Baby, Hairspray photo shoot for the Boudoir de Marie:






My crazy friends the Stuttgart gang:










And Mimi de Montmartre who got to meet him!


The Gypsy Gentleman Episode 3

The Gypsy Gentleman – Episode 03: San Francisco from Marcus Kuhn on Vimeo.


This is a great documentary on tattooing in my old home town. I find it very unfortunate, however that they kept the comment by Jason Kundell's about bj's. It is such bad stereotypical tattoo artist behavior to talk like that especially in the town that created "gentleman tattooers". Tattoo artists that did a lot to be respected as real artists and not trash talkers that in my opinion pull our business into the gutter and perpetuate a bad attitude about tattooing. The rest of the film is great, it must have been hard for Marcus to choose from all of the great talent in San Francisco.

Hugo Cabret

Another magic moment on the first of January was going to see the new Scorcese film, Hugo Cabret. I was delighted to discover they had made a film from this graphic novel that I enjoyed so much. I found the book, written by Brian Selznick while searching for George Melies DVDs on Amazon. The story is based on a lot of real events and people from the era I adore in Paris “La Belle Epoque”. The old Gare d’Orleans which is now the Musée d’Orsey. The huge clock that is still there. The train accident where a train crashed through the walls and landed outside the building. The sad destiny of George Melies, an artistic genius who lost everything and ended selling toys out of a stand at said station. All weaved together to tell a fictional story about romantic but demoded, abandoned marvels.

That was probably the best day of 2012 (already!) and now that I survived last thursday which will probably go down as the worst day of 2012, I think I can look forward to a mild rest of the year!





Please go see the film, it is really swell!