Heartaches is my first film, the movie I made in college, in 1991.

I wrote the story for a creative writing class in my second year in college and the video and art project were my final thesis. I got an A!!! I finally got it digitised recently and added an introduction and subtitles because the sound quality is so bad. I filmed it all on video (all that I could afford at the time) and used the school’s equipment and editing studio. I remember we had to sign up for time in the lab and it took forever to edit, using two VCR machines to cut and record. It is so much easier today with digital cameras (that aren’t very expensive) and computer programs that make editing so fast and easy!


I hope you enjoy the super Lo-Fi document of my early interest in video collage. Thanks to Leo Guinet for the subtitles and after effects and to Amylu for voice and playing the part of Lydia.