The Ross Sisters- Contortionists

Our friend Lily, a very cool chick sent us this video. The Ross Sisters sings a little like the Andrew Sisters, are very cute and can do contortion!

George Melies at Pere Lachaise

When Melissa was here I made it a point to look for my favorite cinematographer at the famous cemetery Pere Lachaise. I only recently heard that he was buried there.




He was the first artist in film making. He started out as a magician and bought out the magic theatre of Robert Houdin. He made a designed every part of his films and created the first special effects using his knowledge of trompe l’oeil as a magician. Sadly when the machines and factories of Hollywood picked up speed he was run over and ended bankrupt. No one appreciated his gift to cinema until just shortly before his death. His movie studio has been destroyed and he himself burnt all his films out of desperation. His last job was selling tin toys out of a kiosk at the Gare d’Orleans, which is now the Musée D’Orsay.

Some of his films still exist and there is a DVD box set available. They are pure magic.




Sci Fi Western Movie

Cowboys and Aliens: the film

not to be confused with Cowboys and Aliens the group

If you’ll remember in 2003 I currated an art show called “Sci Fi Western”

I mentioned in the foreword to the catalog that movies in the 1950’s were either Sci Fi or Western but never both at the same time. My theory was that they spoke of the mythic past and future of America, so you couldn’t combine the two.

Do you think the creators of this film saw my art show or catalog? I’ll have to let you know what I think after I’ve seen the film.

My painting from the show.

Me and one of the artists.

Some of the people who came in costume:

Check out the website Space Western for more crazy Sci Fi Western stuff.

Johnny Remember Me

I just watched Telstar the Joe Meek Story and I found out something exciting about one of my favorite songs: Johnny Remember Me.


First, I didn't know it was produced by Joe Meek. Second the song was a message from beyond! Apparently from Buddy Holly, written down by ?Geoff Goddard. The author was heavily into Spiritualism, which had it's heyday in Edwardian days in England (I didn't know it was still popular in the '50's). Gotta love those wee gee boards and seances!

Here's one of my favorite versions by The Meteors.



The movie Telstar was pretty good, although we think it may have taken some serious liberties concerning the relationship between Joe Meek and Heinz. Heinz always denied anything between him and Joe, but now he's passed away and maybe Hollywood took some liberties to make a more salacious story line?


Rocker Tattoo

Inspiration: Lita Ford and Nikki Sixx, zebra and cherry lover with russian heritage. Not yet finished.


Have you seen The Runaways yet?

Cha Cha

This costume reminds me of the apache dancers of Paris, but it’s mexican. Anyone know the origins?