Friday night my husband had his usual once a month DJ gig (where usually I spin a few discs with him and his friend). This time they switched things up and decided to hold a sale at the same time. All the discs that were played were for sale. It was soooo much fun! Usually in a bar people don’t pay much attention to the music, it’s just background to conversations with friends, but everyone was paying attention to what was being played. I got a 45 of Johnny Kidd and the Pirates “Shaking all over” plus two other funny novelties. It was so exciting once people started buying. The DJ’s were animated and joking around, people were dancing.


Also this weekend we were listening to some of the records we bought in NY. The new 45 by Wounded Lion is amazing! The best record of the year! You can play it at 45 or 33 and it sound perfect!!! At 45 it’s a girl singing and at 33 a guy! Soooo great, brilliant!