I got this letter from a reader:

Hi Sunny
I follow your blog (which is awesome by the way).
I really enjoy your posts on Paris and am visiting Paris in September after going to High Rockabilly in Spain. I was wondering if you had a moment to spare if you could put me in the right direction of cool shops and gig venues in Paris. Anything low brow art, tiki, 60s garage music and the like. Obviously I dig 50s stuff- but might be rockabillied out by the time I get to Paris- but if there are any music venues that do that sort of thing that would be great to know too. Any shops that do good 40s 50s vintage, costume jewelry etc? Any good textile museums? And finally I would love to visit your shop- is it open to the public to pop in?
oh and lastly I enjoyed you SF post- its been a few years since I have been but I love it!
many thanks
michele xx



Born Bad Records

17 rue Keller metro Bastille open Monday-Saturday 12:00 to 8:00

Here you will find lots of cool records and all the posters and flyers for what’s happening in town. Don’t be shy ask Mark or Iwan what’s going on when you’ll be here. They also have a clothing store and specialize in tikis. Born Bad Exotica 11 rue St Sabin metro Bastille open Monday-Saturday 12 :00 to 7 :00

Fun Bars in town

La Mécanique Ondulatoire

8 Passage Thiéré


13 rue Jean Beausire

La Feline

6 Rue Victor Letalle

La Petite Garage

63, Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud

Vintage Shops

Chez Mamie

73 rue de Rochechouart

Mamie Blue

69 rue de Rochechouart


17 rue Moret

Puce St Ouen

The flea market at Saint-Ouen is made up of little alleys and shops. It is enormous! It is very hard to find without a map. Try to avoid all the people in temporary booths selling new stuff. Look for the following groups of shops called Marché or Galerie.


Valerie Becker (Vintage costume jewelery)

Marché Vernaison Allée 1 Stand 45

Sarah (High-end vintage and textiles)

Galerie Farfouillette

Daniel et Lili (Vintage dead stock heaven)

Marché Daupine

Falbalas (vintage clothing and textiles)

Marché Daupine


Giraud (art deco/Chanel jewelery)

91 rue de rosiers Saint-Ouen



Galerie Beys

Rue Paul Bert

Great jewelery shops and a crazy taxidermy decorator

Marché Paul Bert


Puce Porte de Vanves (Sundays)

Get there early ! This is a real open air flea market with antiques set up on folding tables.

Textile Museums


42 avenue des Gobelins

Les Ateliers de la Tapisserie Française
61, rue des petites écuries

Les Arts Décoratifs107, rue de Rivoli

Musée de la mode Paris 

10 Avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie

My shop is NOT open to the public but you’re welcome to stop by. You just need to make an appointment. Contact me and I’ll send you the telephone number and address and book an appointment for you. The reason for this is that I’m there sporadically and I don’t want you to make a trip for nothing (that’s so disappointing!) I have all my prints, stickers and jewelery for sale at my boutique. I need a couple of weeks advanced notice and a deposit if you want to get tattooed.

Here’s some lovely photo sets and blog posts for your inspiration: