Check out Cockroach Ralph,

Who thought tattooing would be a riot.

So the Machine, he did buy it!

He was dumber ‘n shit,

…So he knew he would fit…

But he died from a tattoo artist’s diet.

1994 San Francisco

Words of Wisdom to you!

Henry Goldfield (under whom I served an almost 6 year apprenticeship)


Some of our bad habits:

eatting fat San Francisco burritos over a garbage can (to catch the fallout!)

asking for no mayo at the healthfood store sandwhich counter to get back to shop and Henry would go ballistic because there was heaping gobs of mayonaise on his sandwhich.

yelling over the phone to Viva because they delivered with no utensils!

discovering in Chinatown Cubirop japanese cube candies in exotic flavors (lychee, pineapple, mango)

Chef Ghia’s honey chili yams!

Golden Boy pizza

Mario’s Cigar store hot sandwhiches (well worth the walk to Washington Square)

sending Mike the bum out for coffee (he expected a $5 tip!)

Pho on Broadway (what was the name of that greasy restaurant?)

candy bars from the porno magazine shop

the horrible chinese restaurant a few doors down suddenly one day turned into a great one (General Chow chicken)