Owners and bartenders Benoit and Cedric
Benoit, young and talented young man who used to help run Born Bad Records
Cedric organizer of 1960’s era concerts and events named “Gloria”

Decor by Joachim aka tiki jaws.

Seat Cushions by Atelier Kustom Cat.


Mural by Van Gogo artist and member of super french surf band Les Arondes
fabulous lighting, carved tiki stools and they say we may have some savory snacks in the future!!!

I forgot to note the drink menu! But Virani took a picture of it.
Le TIKI Lounge
26 bis rue de la Fontaine au Roi
75011 Paris
M° Parmentier / Goncourt / République
Du lundi au samedi de 18h00 à 2h00

I was speaking to Jimmy Virani last night about why tiki bars never appeared in France even though France had colonies in Polynesia. He said it may be because of wine culture that was and is still popular and that sweet cocktails are not in the french palate or my theory is that the French didn’t need that pagan fantasy excuse to get wild and see bare breasted women like the puritan Americans! In any case we were really lacking a swanky place like this and I’m so happy for our friends to have started their adventure.

Let’s send them lots of tiki tourists!!!

(Otto von Stronheim was kind enough to send this article out on his Tiki News mailing list)