Is it a Man Trap or like viewing caged animals in a zoo?


Voyeurism seems to be a very natural human curiousity, especially when it comes to watching someone getting a tattoo. People are fascinated even if they’re not interested in tattoos.  In a tattoo street shop ogling can be very annoying for both the artist and the client. But why not present the act of tattooing especially for the voyeur inside everyone? Of course I had to find clients who were willing.This “peak through the keyhole” while two girls are involved in mysterious beauty rituals is a magnetic attraction. It appeals to people’s fantasies. Even though I could care less about appealing to anyone’s fantasies with my tattoos, I’m aware of this gravitational pull. It’s the allure of sex appeal. A woman can use her body to charm. But it’s also her body which she lives in and can do with as she likes, decorate as she wishes, not necessarily to please or enchant.




My strange beauty parlor is here as a service for ladies who want their bodies adorned and embellished with a permanent “warpaint”. The ambiance of an old time circus sideshow, a string of carnival lights. The buzz of the machine lures the audience. Curvaceous long legs hypnotize like the enchantment of the serpent under a spell. Glamour and the promise of romance enamour, bewitch, and captivate. It’s a dazzling dream this eyefull of freakish beauty.




The Last Performance