The blog Needles and Sins had a great post a few weeks ago about the way tattoo fashion comes and goes. The article goes into depth about when it was fashionable for aristocrats got tattooed and how the tattoo parlors were during that period. I’ve always insisted that tattoos are and have always been for all walks of society. The king of Denmark was tattooed for gosh sakes!

I have this book, The Tattooed Countess which the main character was tattooed on the wrist. It was set during the victorian era. She was a countess by marriage, an american living an exotic lifestyle in Europe. She gets a rude awakening when she goes back home for a visit and the small town is shocked by her tattoo and her freewheeling european ways. You can read the book here.

But at least go read the first short article and let me know what you think!