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Gang of Witches 2019 art festival

There will be a concert, a performance art festival, a book release, paintings, installations, our video clip and a record release party.

14h to midnight the 15th and 16th of June 2019

Yoyo-Palais de Tokyo

13 avenue du Président Wilson, 16ème Paris……

Metro Iéna line 9…….

Free admission


Émilie Jouvet (photography, film)

Rebecca Chaillon (performance)

Scarlett Coten (photography)

Ciou (painting)

Sunny Buick (painting, performance)

Miikka Lommi (video)

Mina Mond (painting)

Vivien Bertin (photography)

Paola Hivelin (sculpture)

Arôm (installation)

Louis(e) de Ville (performance)

Gang of Witches (concert)

Amélie Poulain (dance)

Son Of A Pitch (dj)

Sophie Rokh (reading)

Sabrine Kasbaoui (film)

Funmilola Fagbamila (performance)

Julie Atlas Ruiz (performance)

Contact Press:

Pierre Laporte, Samira Chabri, Tiphaine Dupeyrat 0145231414

In this year’s edition I made some portraits of my friends in Gang of Witches. They are watercolor, inspired by some work I’ve done in the past. Portrait work is hard!!! It’s hard to capture all that you see in the person, also to make it ressemble them.

I’m excited about our show, I’m doing a huge painting and I will have a performance related to my painting. Please come if you are in Paris June 15th and 16th. I will be sending the invitation by email soon, if you want to see the press release and program, please send me an email.