Perfume and Lipstick

I’m working on some ideas for a painting of perfume and lipstick, so I took some photos of my collection. I know I’m not the best photographer but it was fun putting together this shoot.

New Home for the Dice Collection

I had to build this shelf to house my collection. I was all giddy bringing everything out of the boxes. Look at all the pretty colors! I’ve been collecting dice since I was about 17. My first electric tattoo was of a pair dice (it’s covered up now but...

Continuing in the Livingroom

We have concrete walls in our apartment. To hang all these pictures I would have had to drill 11 holes! In order to hang all my little to medium paintings (some mine, some painted by friends) I devised this system. I ordered a large piece of plywood and had it...


Here’s how that piece of furniture looks in the living room. It’s 1950’s or 1960’s, french. I think it’s great how it hides all my books away for a neat and clean look. The cover on the sofa bed still needs to be sewn. And lots of other...

More Color and Collectables

You could say the kitchen is my favorite room. Well it’s the room that’s closest to being finished! Here’s some little peeks. That little kittycat head bobber kills me! I would love to tattoo it someday, any takers?