Femme Sans Tete Print


This is a print of a digitally made illustration. It’s printed on matte heavyweight archival paper. This print will be sent in a rigid envelope. Edition of 25. Signed and numbered.
20,7 x 29,7 cm
8.14 x 11.69 inches

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This is a brand new illustration called «Femme sans tête». It’s a wink and a nudge to Max Ernst one of my favorite artists. Ernst created the very first collage graphic novel, and it was called «La femme 100 têtes» which is a play on words in French because it sounds the same as «woman without a head» but means «woman with 100 heads».

Lightbulbs symbolise ideas to me and decapitation the severing the rational part of the mind, giving hierarchy to the intuition (the domain of women). Also, I play with the image of the tiger woman, hybrids, transformation, and metamorphosis.

The tiger woman is fierce, untamed, disobedient, but maybe her passions are too restrained by her intellect. She’s always questioning, obsessing, rationalising and that is why a self-revolution of cutting the head has happened.


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