The best authentic flea-market is in the southern extremities of Paris at Porte de Vanves. The sellers are quite often the same with the same stuff for sale, but I enjoy watching the people on days when I find no treasures to bring home. I love the four playing poker with no cares if they sell a thing. Also the moment when they break out the picnic lunch with bottles of wine, mustard, green beans, baguettes and roasted chicken. The dogs are quite a lovely sight as well and perfectly socialized.


I hurried home to greet my sunday brunch guests to make some American pancakes. My husband couldn’t be happier and we have them so often that I sometimes eat something else. But I ate them! With strawberries, raspberries and caramel sauce. After brunch we all went together to the Musee D’Orsay to see the original collages of Max Ernst.


This collection is one of my all time favorites and I know it very well, but it still filled me with awe! I really want to read the novel, will I have to write it myself?

I must dig up the drawings I did from this series at age 16!

One of the added highlights was a film done in later years but based on this exposition, “The Dreams That Money can Buy”