Over the last few years cupcakes, bonbons, candy canes, cherries and sweet wrapped hard candies have become popular images for tattoos (for girls mostly). I have a theory… I think they represent pure desire, lust or sensuality. Maybe the wearer just thinks it’s cute. However for most girls who’ve been taught to watch their weight, candies, cakes and sweets are forbidden fruits; and yet we all cave in to desire once and a while. Or maybe we cave in to desire ALL the time and we suffer the consequences, i.e. guilt. Vague connotations to sin, sinning, everything BAD! But they look so yummy and cute! Temptations, pleasure, things that WOMAN is also associated with. Do women have the right to pleasure? I sometimes wonder! At least candy is not outlawed like illegal drugs.

Is a candy tattoo a badge saying “I like sex”? No, not necessarily, but I do think it marks one as a hedonist. But that’s just my opinion. Now where was my candy stash?



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