I’m so excited about some projects I have in store for 2010!


1. My Comic Book called The Little Organ Grinder about a girl and her monkey. I’ve been working on the first story for some time. I would like to finish that soon and get onto some writing out some of my new ideas.

2. Personal Paintings I have about 9 paintings started but I always have to put them aside because of pesky deadlines. That means I’ve got about one a month to knock out! My goal is to have less distraction and more time for me this year!

3. Big Purchases I have some heavy investing to do this year towards my business. Anyone interested in purchasing original artwork would greatly help me in this direction. Meanwhile I’ve got to work on a financial plan with some discipline and hard work.

4. Chip Away at the Dream Projects A book of my art, a silk screened fine art booklet and t-shirts!