Yesterday I went to see the Clovis Trouille exhibit. It was quite an adventure. It is held in a small village in the far suburbs. What a pretty little town. Weeping willows and swans on the river. Two small islands like in Paris. Beautiful traditional stone houses, tea salons and a beach for swimmers in the summer. Many houses had river access and small doors that led to the basements. There’s even a Chinese pavilion, but I didn’t find it this time. We’ll go back in spring.

Clovis Trouille is one of my favorite surrealists, even if he really wasn’t a part of their tight group. To see the paintings in person was very exciting. He paints like I’d like to paint and he has a great sense of humor for the profane. He was kinda of a dirty bird, but also with a touching naivety.




This next painting was amazing, the colours and the composition was perfect. Apparently from the dates marked he worked on it for 19 years!


This next painting wasn’t in the expo, but it’s one of my favorites:


The expo is at the Musée d’art et d’histoire Louis Senlecq and the cute town is called L’Isle Adam (55 min by train from Paris).