Happy New Year!


May every inch of your skin be filled with joy and prosperity in 2015!

Summer in Noisel




It’s so cold here now, so here’s making up for it with photos of the hottest day of this past summer. BBQ at some friend’s house in Noisel. The factory was a famous chocolate dynasty that no longer exists (Menier). The grandchildren burnt through their inheritance faster than a wildfire. The village in Noisel was constructed for the workers and is so darn cute! Nestle bought the factory but it is just offices now.


Musée de Toile

Do you know what Toile is? It’s a kind of patterned fabric that is used mostly today in decorating. It has a rich history in France. From what I could find out at the museum it was a kind of imitation of fabrics that were imported from India. To make them at home was simpler and cheaper. Spies were even sent to discover the techniques used to create repeating pattern and bright colors. Here’s some examples, I’m sure you’ve seen it before.



When asiatic images are show it falls into a catagory called “Chinoiserie”.

Unfortunately there were no photos allowed inside the Museum. There were carved wooden tools for block printing and copper ones for the highly detailed designs. Most of these parts were melted down after use to move on to the newer items for sale. It was very interesting to learn about. The museum is out of town and about a 15 min walk from the train station. I would recommend it as a day trip.

We took some photos outside in the garden. You’ll see that Marie got dressed up in toile. A skirt from her own fashion collection “Le Boudoire de Marie”. There was a park behind the museum with a grotto! I love grottoes from the romantic period in France.

Outfit details:

Hat: etsy Bonnie’s Knitting

Shirt: Vintage (found in San Francisco ages ago)

Shorts etsy: The Greedy Seagull

Sandals: KJacques

Bag: Kate Spade (gift from my best friend)






Religious Tattoos Anyone?




I would love, love, love to tattoo any of these on someboby, please!

They come from a trio of religious card books given to me by a very sweet client!

Bad Skin


I was about 12 or 13 when I found some vintage movie magazines from the 1920’s 1930’s. It was ads like this one in the back that fascinated me. I was still naive enough to believe in reducing creams and nose correcting harnesses. I wondered why I didn’t see the same products in current circulation. Of course I was also enchanted by the photos and fashions of the movie stars. I’ve sometimes wondered if those few magazines caused my lifelong love of those eras and of all things vintage.

Moise Kisling

I just discovered the work of Moise Kisling. I’m delighted to find his pre-beatnik images. He was painting in the teens to the 30’s in Paris and hanging out with the Montparnasse crowd. Look how modern his work is. It definely reminds me of ’50’s beatnik jazz.


Kiki de Montparnasse


I read somewhere that his work falls into a category called “Post Impressionism” but his style reminds me of American WPA artists.

Deke Dikerson au Balajo

We went to see our friend Deke a few weeks ago at the fabulous Balajo nightclub. I’ve alsways wanted to go there. I had peeked inside a few times but never organised an occasion to go. It is a little jewel. It seems as if nothing has changed since the 1930’s. The history is pretty cool too, it was owned or is owned now by wrestlers.It was created when dance halls were in their heyday. I can see lots of winks to the apache dance in the decor. You have to see it for yourself to appreciate. I want to move in or else decorate my house like the Balajo!




The Ball Populair is a cool part of past french culture. I love it when ever I come across images in films or the vestiges that rest in Paris.