Milan 2010, my best-yet convention there. I did 15 tattoos in 3 days! Apologies to everyone who couldn’t get an appointment, please email me as I will try to come back to Milan to tattoo at the Italian Rooster (maybe this spring?).

Cupcakes ruled again! I got to tattoo some boys this year:) Lots of fashion students too, who wanted couture themed tattoos. My camera was acting up so I didn’t get photos of everything. I got to meet and talk with Valerie Vargas, saw my old friend Jack Rudy and the boys from Electric Tattoo in New Jersey, Tom Yak and Mike Schwiegert. I bought some killer new tubes for myself and my apprentice, a book on dagger flash, new inks, Valerie Vargas and Amanda Toy t-shirts (my suitcase was freakin’ heavy!).

Tomorrow I will post all about Valentine’s day!








Photo by Edmond Dantes