I shared my booth this year with Monga, a really nice guy who does some outstanding tattoos. I have a little story for you about Monga’s client. He started coming around the booth early on saturday, always loud and with a beer in his hand, sometimes slamming things around. I thought “ah geese, this guy!” and then he booked an appointment with Monga. Now I don’t understand Ilalian and here’s where you can easily make wrong assumptions on judging people at first glance. I’m guilty! He was having a hard time with the tattoo and making all kinds of strange noises, but I was busy with my client so I didn’t really pay attention. At the end I was also finished so I went to take a look and here’s what I said to Monga, “his heart is pouring out! And on Valentine’s day!” I thought it was so sweet. I asked Monga what he had asked for for the tattoo, he said “a bleeding heart”. It fit so well with the older tattoos and the blood pouring out looks to me like the gates of heaven. So, I still don’t know but I think I was wrong about that guy.



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