In 2010, I did some cool tattoos.

1. Spanish Village Crest, 2. Nurse Heart, 3. She loves to draw, 4. Butterfly Costume, 5. He Takes his Time, 6. Sailor Girl, 7. Another Pirate Girl, 8. Anchor and Roses, 9. Monkey Teapot, 10. Pug in his Bumble Bee Outfit, 11. Valentine Tea Cup, 12. Perfume, 13. Full Carousel14. Not available15. Not available16. Not available

I did a lot of logo work including my own new logo for A La Belle Pique

1. Logo for a Hairdresser, 2. On a Black T-shirt, 3. Comissioned Logo, 4. With a Mask, 5. Cry Babies, 6. Jobard de Barjot Logo, 7. Cry Babies Logo, 8. New Business Card/Logo, 9. T Shirt Design

I was on the west coast for three weeks having a lovely road-trip vacation. I also visited, Milan, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Oslo and Lille.

I was invited to participate in the OFFF festival in Paris.

I started to participate in “What I Wore Today (in drawings)”

1. What I Wore No. 4, 2. October: What I Wore, 3. Daily Wear Doodle, 4. Doodle Diary

I turned 40!

My mom came to visit for 10 days.


I did a bunch of illustrations for Classic Hardware.

I moved to a new work space!

I spent three days in a hygiene class for the new french tattoo law.