These have got to be the funniest photos ever taken of me. I was really just starting to change my musical tastes from garage/60’s into rock-a-billy. I was 16 years old. I’m wearing creepers, striped stockings, a black velvet mini skirt, a Brian Jones shirt, a 50’s car coat and Sonny Tufts’s hat. I think my mom took these photos of me while I was staying with friends in the tenderloin. 1986. I either totally had my own style or I looked ridiculous!

During this period I was working at The Wax Museum, Fisherman’s wharf and hanging out at Lyle Tuttle’s shop on 7th street or his home on Columbus Ave. after hours. Sonny Tufts was his apprentice at the time. Soon after Erno opened his shop in the lower Haight, I was briefly hanging out there too.

What was your biggest fashion faux pas?