This contest is open to anyone who has dreamed of getting a Sunny Buick tattoo. To win leave me a comment with the image you dream of and where you would want it tattooed. I will pick the best idea and design your tattoo for free! Usually I charge around 200 euro just to design a tattoo for people who live far away and can’t get tattooed by me. People who get tattooed by me the design is already included in the price of the tattoo.

Please give me as many details as possible in your comment. The size, key descriptive words, the general meaning you have in mind.

This contest is purely subjective. I will pick the idea I like the best, the one which will be the funnest for me to draw. You can leave multiple comment ideas if you wish.

opiumgirl owlandpussycat monsterband
The contest is just for the drawing not an actual tattoo.