Fascination for the forbidden. Exposed skin, Exotic, The deviant in lipstick, and lace, High heels and mascara. cabaretorganique16





The viewer will see my client as some kind of strange female fakir. The tattoo as a spiritual act. First the discomfort instills compassion for those who suffer involuntarily. A beatific act of beauty; by the pain entering a state of bliss (because of the endorphins) to receive grace and feel blessed. cabaretorganique23 Why does she do it? The reasons to get tattooed are as numerous as the choice of motifs. But it looks painful! Yes however, pain is a part of many beauty rituals. The tattoo machine is a torture device much like those old fashioned hood hair dryers you find at the beauty parlor. Think of all suffering we endure in the name of beauty: Piercing Permanents High heels Clip on earrings Corsets Hair pulled too tight Epilation Chemical hair dyes Dieting cabaretorganique21