Here’s some of the efforts by friends and clients who bought my coloring book from Monsa publishing. Some of these were sent to me during the confinement. The original intention of adult coloring books is as a relaxing pass time and stress relief, so I guess these folks put them to good use.

Of course adult coloring books are fashionable and trendy. But every need is usually fed by commercialization. Never has been the need for distraction from our distractions (computer, phone, publicity screens) been so great. It’s true that to get the hands busy is relaxing and a kind of escape, an antidote to compulsive thoughts running out of control in the head. To actually make something with your hands soothes. The comfort of childhood memories, stress relief through art therapy. Nervous hands should take a pencil, marker or crayon and get busy, writing or drawing. Mostly coloring is an easy creative pass time, no real skill is required. It’s meditative and helps to empty the mind.Try it, If only to see if it works for you.

Here’s some of the results that were sent to me. Please send me yours too.

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ISBN: 978-84-16500-30-7

Layout: 22,5 x 22,5 cm

Pages: 184

Cover: Paperback





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