Support Your Artists

Hello friends!

I have a goal with my Patreon account to reach 100€ a month in crowd funding. With 100€ a month, I’ll have one whole day a month to create the kind of art that no one can buy, sell or trade. But that everyone gets something out of, so it still has value. My work is worthy of being supported in this way. I think so, what about you? Do you enjoy what I produce? Have you gotten inspiration from me? It is my biggest desire that I could bring joy, light and inspiration to everyone who reads this.

I only need 7€ more!

That’s one subsriber at 7€ a month or 2.33 subscribers at 3€ a month. Donating 3€ a month is like buying me a cup of coffee once a month. It’s only 27€ a year!

7€ a month is only 84€ a year and you can get:

*once a year a package of 10 postcards,

*a card on your birthday and

*1 print of your choice and

*a chance at a raffle for this original piece of art. “Ship (Flower Frame)” 23cm x 30cm 2014 150€ value. img065.jpg (590×946) (

*You can contact me for a catalog of available prints.

*And you’ll get to ask me questions. I will post videos answering these questions to reward everyone’s enthusiam!!

If you can help out please go to: