Trash Talks Clip and review

Trash Talks Clip and review

Haha! A very amateur attempt at showing my three characters in action!  And here’s nice little review of the Wild Weekend and my lecture by Debbie Sheringham Boom:

Trash Talks

These are the three characters in my performance art/lecture in Spain at The Wild Weekend in Majorca, Spain. Dr. Swartzvisie, an art critic and criminologist, Shady Cadillac, beatnik artist, and Étoile du Jour, guru and pyschic warrior. The three characters will...


My friend Cecilia, a french girl who now lives in Portland, Oregon, has a super cool shop on etsy. You should follow her if you want a chance at the super cool stuff she lists. It’s called Wildsville, click here to visit.

Beatnik Group on Facebook

There’s a group on FB that is worth having an account for: It’s crazy how much cool stuff is posted there. Go, go, go check it out! Here’s some photos from my collection and at a party last week....