Surviving the Pandemic

Hello friends!
I really hope you’re like me and you’ve found a way to survive these last two years. I haven’t hardly tattooed at all. I burnt through all my savings. A lot of you, my friends, fans and supporters, have bought art, prints or merch. That’s how I’ve made it. And I thank you. When times get tough it’s when being creative really comes in handy in coming up with ideas and solutions.

For those of you who don’t need anymore stuff or tattoos and you’d still like to see me creating and carrying on in the pursuit of my dreams, a great way is through Patreon. I’ve achieved my first goal of 100 € a month. My next goal is 120€ a month with 120€ a month, I could spend 1.2 days a month 12.4 days a year, making free content. The stuff that I just can’t sell, like ideas, advice, videos, love, humour etc. Artists are important, help them survive, help them thrive! Click here to subscribe: Patreon

How are you doing?
We’re still alive, we made it through a pandemic. It wasn’t easy we had to make lots of sacrifices, but we did it and so we can celebrate that…

We learn to adapt. That’s the biggest lesson in this whole thing and one I’ve been trying engrain in my brain. That’s why I’m researching transhumanism/posthumanism and for once in my life thinking about how to invent a positive future. Being obsessed with the past isn’t cutting it anymore. It was important to study to know where I come from and this has enriched my culture so much. Now, I have a huge reference library in my head, something I can draw from at any time. but now it is time to project into the future. Being uncertain about the future, being afraid, becomes a point of weakness for many of us. This fear is something that can be used by those in power to control people. I want to transcend all that.

I started therapy, and although it is painful, I’m very hopeful about getting through this and seeing what lies on the other side.

Meditation helps a lot too.