Tears. It’s tragic that in 2016 Americans voted for a sexist racist pig for presdient. It’s tragic that to be born black in America is to have to live with the daily very real threat that you will be killed by a policeman. I wish my tears could wash away the pain, but they can’t. I’m not OK, this is NOT OK. This is a sick society, we have to change, or none of us will be able to breathe.


The tears of white women. I’ve learned a lot over the last few weeks, and it hasn’t been comfortable. I’ve learned that WOC don’t have the luxury of tears. I’ve learned more about my priveledge, even if I’m also an oppressed person. My oppression has nothing on that of POC. I’ve learned that tears are being used as weapons by white women. I guess I’ve always known that, but this was a painful and rude realisation. I thought I was expressing my sorrow and powerlessness through this series of teardrops I’ve been working on (since the 2016 elections). What was I really saying with my tears ? « you hurt me.. » ? « you should confort me… » ? « this makes me sad, now you have to deal with my sadness… » ? All these in the pretty package called femininity. I’ve learned that my feelings aren’t anyone else’s responsibility but my own. This is not the time for crying. When I express myself I risk offending. If I stay silent I’m complicite. It’s all so complicated, but I’m glad my discomfort makes me dig deeper. The pain is deep and victimhood can be a place of power. It’s time to turn that around. How much time have I wasted feeling sorry for myself instead of tapping into my true power ? Now what do I do with all these tears ? Pack them up like bullets for a gun (making sure not to take aim at POC)? Or do I just do my crying in private ? Or stop crying altogether ? Read more on the tears of white women on @luvvie and @florencegiven

Rage. Anger. Not the most virtuous emotion. I think it’s fair to say that it is dirrectly linked to things that makes us feel powerless. Did you know that anger most often comes out of two other emotions, hurt and fear ? These emotions are so disturbing, so unconfortable that we switch over to something less painful. But anger is so hard to control. It is a fire that consumes and can be very destructive. However, what is constructive about anger ? If we can harness this fiery energy, it is a great motor for change. It makes you powerful, dangerous and fearsome! Others around you are scared, they listen, they are careful, they are terrorized! That’s why anger shouldn’t be abused. I think you must stay in the original feelings for a while, put a name to them, express them. I like to think that « courage » is controlled rage. The opposite of rage is gratitude. How can we accept and bring together these two sides of ourselves ?

The red drop represent blood.

The Gold drops represent honey