I’ve got lots to celebrate! I made my first Patreon goal last month. (Want to join? Check it out here) I also just passed over 3000 instagram followers! Thank you sooooo much!

It is so important on your journey towards realising your dreams to practice gratitude and take the time to celebrate each victory. Because if you don’t enjoy the journey, you’ll never enjoy the destination either. There is also the possibility that each celebration acts to attract more to celebrate. Focusing on what you haven’t yet achieved or being unhappy about that will only bring frustration and attract more frustration.

I love you all! Whoop party! Here’s what I’m celebrating this season:

Achieving my first Patreon goal
3000 followers on instagram
Paradice Palase feature
Interview on Tattoo Life blog
Interviews on 2 Podcasts Stefayako and La Vie Creative 
Review of my film on Film Threat
Solo exposition in a french comic book festival