Collector appreciation

It’s collector appreciation time! I love my collectors. I cherish each and every person who has bought a print or an original from me. I feel encouraged each time I find a good home for my artwork, which I consider my babies. It’s even better when I know the person who buys my work! But that’s only because I feel that I can revisit the work if I wanted to. These collectors have great homes!

The first image is  @apertureinthewoods  new home in Nashville. You may have seen their old house that was featured on  @apartmenttherapy (second photo)

Here is a photo of a print in someone’s very cute home. Not sure who owns this. Leave a comment if it’s you!

The next image is two paintings owned by Margare who has bought several paintings from me, including «Worship» one of my favourites and she commissioned the companion piece  «Freedom».

The Mexican gunfighter was also a commissioned birthday present for Rob.

This gorgeous apartment belongs to two dear friends of mine who live not very far away from me in Paris. This is also a print.

A girl in Marseille ordered this print from me of «La Gitane» and was kind enough to send a photo. Do you own some of my work? Send me a photo of where your painting or print lives and I’ll post it!

The little elephant painting and the «Illustration Self Portrait» and «Social Butterfly» prints are owned by very a very cool lady (also a tattoo artist) Elvia, who lives in New York City. She has a cool collection of art, don’t you think?

A dear client of mine in Stuttgart commissioned this painting of a leopard shoe hybrid. Thank you so much Elisabeth!

John, the owner of «Jungle Climbing» has/had a great gallery called  @toyroomgallery  in Sacramento, CA. He bought this a long time ago. Thanks John!

«Vision in a Bathtub» was purchased by Julia who fell in love with it when she visited me in Paris on vacation. She went home and couldn’t stop thinking about it. I’m so glad she treated herself to it.